Kansai Quality Engineering Research Group, (KQERG, Japan)

Quality Engineering (QE) that is also called Taguchi's method is the best technical methodology for achieving high quality and productivity. This methodology was proposed by Dr. Genichi Taguchi.

Quajlity Engineering is applicable for various process and situation.

Parameter design : As you find optimized condition on several factors, this advanced DOE(Design of Experiment), that is called Robust Design, is strongly useful. It defines noise factor, customer condition, and SN ratio for evaluation.

Tolerance design : After Robust Design, we used to decide tolerance for each parameters. This method lead to optimize multiple tolerance in economic formula, Loss function. 

MT System (Maharanobis-Taguchi System): Pattern recognition and Forecasting

MT is one of multi-vari analysis, but its concepts is different from others.

Debug for software: Software debugging process is important, but difficult to find. Because it  needs many combination tests. Orthogonal design is very useful for this debugging process.

Loss function : This formula is based on QE. "Quality is the loss after shipment by the product." So quality is defined by money.

On line QE : Optimization for inspection design and maintenance for production process, that is calculated by economic formula, Loss function.


KQERG is non-profit organization which researches for application and development of QE.

The members are joined from various companies and university in Japan. Not only Kansai area. 

KQERG present monthly meeting and symposium for discussion of QE.


Anybody who would like to participate can participate.


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